Sorry, but I'm not your ideal customer -- a restaurant consultant

I recently got a connection pitch that seemed different from the other unsolicited LinkedIn connections that I’m getting. Unlike other ones, it didn’t tell me that I was exceptional or magnificent.

It was not trying to sell me on PMP coaching or improve the SEO for my website.

So, I accepted Bob’s request (see below) to connect.

After accepting Bob’s request, he followed up two days later with this message.

As a LinkedIn coach, most notably with military professionals in transition through the Military Transition Roundtable, I teach people to follow up in a variety of ways. After all, the initial LinkedIn connection note only allows 300 characters. A two-day wait to follow up is something I advocate as well as the purpose of building a connection.

The follow-up note is not the time to push a sale, but to build a relationship.

After seeing his follow-up, I want to delete Bob’s connection with me.