The call to action

One of the most overlook aspects of our clients' LinkedIn profile?

It's the call to action statement.

This third step of our LinkedIn coaching can change depending on the profile holder's purpose for updating their profile.

Some of our customers are looking for mentors.  Others are subject matter experts who want to help others.

One of the things we have shared with our customers is that on the LinkedIn desktop page is that their contact section is really visible to their profile visitors.  However, this contact section is well hidden on their mobile profile.

That's why we encourage our customers to put either their email or phone number into this section.  

Note here that Luke used the term (at) instead of the @ symbol in this section.  This simple step prevents those web hackers from harvesting your email info so they can sell it to the Chinese marketing professionals who want someone to represent their company.

We are nearing the end of our tour. In our final segment we will briefly discuss the importance of key skills.

If you would a more in-depth look at the call to action, please consider taking one of our courses.