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As journalists, we find two LinkedIn styles of headlines.

One conveys four to six basic skills while understanding that a LinkedIn profile is like the newspaper of the mid-20th century.\. 

We help our clients find their purpose and then define it as a key part of their headline.

In some of our case studies, you can see some examples of how their headline played a role in their transition success. Our team and I believe that when someone writes a great headline, it increases their visibility to potential employers and clients. Think if you will the newsboys from the 1900s who shouted out the leading headlines from their papers.  We want your headline to have a similar impact.

When people update their profile with a new job, we also help our clients understand how LinkedIn will update their profile with a title headline such as "software engineer."

Want inspiration on how we can help you with headlines? Take a look at some of our handiwork:

Art. G. Garcia 

Chad L. Moniz

We have covered headlines in some detail but there is always room to learn more. 

In our next segment we will discuss LinkedIn banners.