Your LinkedIn mission statement -- defining your LinkedIn's purpose

The first step in our About creation process?  

It's to define our clients' goals that define their purpose for updating their LinkedIn process.

We have created some different variations to this aspect of our coaching process.

If you are a chief executive officer, it can help you define your need for partners and talented people to work for you.

Meanwhile, college students like Angelique are looking for mentors to help them guide the right classes and internships.  

Military professionals are our favorite customer base because they have been taught to write things as memos.  Getting them to tell their story is such that it's fun to see the transition here.


Now that you understand the value of your LinkedIn mission statement, you'll next want to look at your goal hook.

Charles Swarts would tell you that it would be hard for him to define his mission statement in his LinkedIn About section.  However, we helped him rewrite this with a clear expression of his expertise and talents.

This is but a brief stop on our journey. At our next segment we will briefly explore your goal hook.

If you're interested in learning more, consider reaching out to us.