Let us map your path to success  with LinkedIn coaching

As a LinkedIn coach and consultant, Matt Scherer has helped people travel down the transition highway. 

His focus? 

Helping people to break out of the “resume-speak” of LinkedIn.

Everyone faces significant milestones in transition.

When used effectively, LinkedIn can help its profile users to stand out among the many who allow the social media platform to follow their suggested copy and headlines.

Much of Matt’s current work also focuses on the art of active networking on LinkedIn.  He helps his students define their purpose for meeting new people and then provides them with effective connection notes  and other forms of outreach.

He also has spoken on LinkedIn throughout the world, via Zoom platforms with talks in Zimbabwe, Finland, Saudi Arabia and Romania, to name a few.

A retired Air Force public affairs professional, Matt has written two books on the topic of LinkedIn. You can find both books on his sellfy page.

Today, he works with other professionals to help him with graphics and copy editing.

Are you looking to make a strong impression on LinkedIn? The journey to defining your LinkedIn pressence can be broken down into three phases:

I. Building an impactful profile that goes beyond mere "resume-speak"
II. Learning the art of making meaningful connection with potential mentors and influencers
III. Growing your pressence by contributing meaningful content to build your brand