Your LinkedIn profile is not your resume recap

Most novice LinkedIn users are taught that it’s all right to copy and paste their resume into their LinkedIn profile.

Our team thinks differently about this, especially for the key LinkedIn About section.

It’s an amazing process to see one of our clients convert their resume-speak LinkedIn profile into something that conveys their capabilities and goals.

We take a simple four-step approach to converting our customers from the overused resume style seen in most profiles.  

Here are the four steps that we teach you, our future customer.

  1. The mission statement: Here, we teach you how to craft what journalists like us term as the key elements of your story.
  2. The future goals: Journalists know this is as the “hook” to your story.
  3. The call to action. This leads the first-time profile holder to want to contact you.
  4. Key skills. Some LinkedIn coaches, especially our friends in the military want you to list four to five of these elements into the headline.  However, our clients can add more when they place them at the end of the About section.

We have covered a lot of ground in this segment, but there is always more to learn.

Up ahead we will introduce the concept of using LinkedIn to tell your career story.