Banners expand your message

We find that most people want to use a LinkedIn banner provided to them.

That's a good start, but how can you become better and different from others?

Our team designed the grid that allows our customers to create a headline that works for their desktop and mobile banners.

Here is one example of how we transformed a client's banner to help him tell his story to employers.

Patrick and our team worked together on his banner.  Given the grid that we developed, he created this version above.

By adding the title "CISCO Network Engineer" to the upper right quadrant of his profile, he added what journalists would call a headline kicker to the primary headline under his profile photo.

The result?

Patrick was quickly hired after a staffing person found his profile.


Are you looking for ideas on how to enhance your banner? Our team can help you out either by coaching you through the process or creating one custom tailored to your LinkedIn journey.

Moving along, we will discuss the About section of your LinkedIn profile.