Getting awards in college? Make sure to add them to your LinkedIn profile

One of the things I often hear from college students is that they don’t have a lot of success stories to share on LinkedIn.

When some students compare their accomplishments to someone who is older, it can become somewhat intimidating.

So when someone like Selinda Cortez recently shared her award on LinkedIn, I wanted to congratulate her, but also give her some advice on how to archive the award.

Most newcomers like Selinda are not aware that LinkedIn allows them to share a photo like this in their experience section. Linkedin allows people like Selinda to go to her experience section and add the photo above to document her achievements as a student worker.

LinkedIn provides a wonderful tutorial to help everyone who wants to add photos and more complex documents such as a PowerPoint into a personal profile. Here’s the link that shows everyone how to make those changes.

Sharing photos like this will help Selinda and others like her with telling their story. Of course, people notice stories like this. During a coaching session with me and other students, she shared how updates like this have helped her land some job interviews.

Of course, award recognition should not be limited to those in college. If you are recognized for community service for your local Rotary club or American Legion post, that’s a good opportunity to share these stories within your profile.

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