Does your LinkedIn billboard convey your personality and professionalism to your first-time visitors?

In a typical American drive to work, most of us encounter a billboard or two.

Billboards appear everywhere and they work by displaying large advertisements to passersby. They are usually positioned along busy roads or highways to attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians. These roadside ads are printed on large sheets of vinyl or other materials and then attached to the billboard structure. Some billboards are digital and can display multiple ads in rotation.

Can I show a little flair on my LinkedIn banner??

Of course!!!!

Personality refers to an individual’s unique set of characteristics, behaviors, and traits, while a professional brand is the way one presents themselves to their professional network, including their skills, experience, reputation, and personal branding. While personality is inherent and difficult to change, a professional brand can be cultivated and developed over time with deliberate effort and strategy. The best LinkedIn banners work to address issues.

There have been many iconic billboards throughout history, but some examples include the “Got Milk?” campaign, the “Ladies, Let’s Go Shopping” Victoria’s Secret ad, and the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” slogan.

The Got Milk advertising campaign featured various celebrities and athletes over the years, including Michael Jordan and Serena Williams. Actors like David Beckham and Taylor Swift also have appeared as well. The “Got Milk?” ads were sponsored by the California Milk Processor Board, a nonprofit organization funded by California dairy processors.

The “Got Milk?” campaign was widely considered to be one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history, with its catchphrase becoming a cultural phenomenon. It helped to increase milk sales and awareness of the importance of milk in a balanced diet.

My favorite? It’s the Cookie Monster without a glass of milk. When my wife makes cookies, I want to reach for a glass of milk to accompany her baking efforts. Sadly, my wife limits me to only one cookie as they come out of our oven.

For those considering a personality approach to their LinkedIn profile, the Sesame Street cookie munching puppet truly represents a positive personality to be used as a possible personality banner.

How one of my students showed his professional and personality brand

Army veteran Pat Mahon has worked with computer infrastructure for 30 years, starting with his first military tour. He left a job to look for new opportunities within his industry. When I shared with him how he could create a LinkedIn billboard for his background photo, he found the above image as his first billboard option.

It was a good start for Patrick’s LinkedIn billboard. However, I asked him what someone who didn’t recognize those wires might think.

“Now imagine you’re talking to her about this banner. How would you explain that photo to her?” I asked him.

Like the “Got Milk” ad, Patrick found his solution by adding the term “CISCO network Engineer” to his banner.

As hiring managers and direct supervisors review his LinkedIn profile, I believe his new billboard will make a very positive impression on his capabilities.

His headline below his billboard only reinforces his professionalism and goals. (

Patrick also documents his personality with the colorful display of his professional expertise as a network engineer.

Several days after updating his profile, Patrick was offered a new job and one commensurate with his skill set.